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I have found some broken links to my Freebies !!

Those that I have found have been repaired, but please people, if you try to download anything that I have put up as a Freebie and can't get it PLEASE let me know so that I can repair it for you, all my Freebies are available indefinitely from the day I started posting to this blog, so there should be nothing that you can't download at any time at all.


Saturday, 27 September 2008

Cinderella's Castle Papers - Freebie

UPDATE : Monday September 29th
I am so sorry folks !!
Evidently some people are having problems downloading this one, so I have reloaded it on 4Shared and I have reset the link, I hope this fixes the problem, if not please let me know so that I can try again !!!

Lynsey requested some landscape type Cinderella Castle papers, I just hope Lynsey that I haven't put TOO much landscaping for you, if I have let me know and I'll see if I can tone it down a bit LOL

Download HERE

Friday, 19 September 2008

Balloons - Helium Filled - Foil - Freebie

Fourteen Foil, Helium Filled Balloons for Judy (now say that 6 times really fast LOL), I hope I have enough choices here to suit your need Judy, if there is something more specific you have in mind, please let me know and I'll see what I can come up with OK ? !!

Download HERE

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Monsters Inc Papers - Freebie

Summer requested Monsters Inc Papers, I just loved that movie and Boo was so cute, so you can see by the amount of papers I made that I got a bit carried away !!

Download HERE

Finding Nemo Papers - Freebie

Summer also requested these Finding Nemo Papers, some of the water backgrounds have been copied from others, let me know what you think of them please Summer !!

Download HERE

Update: Sept 26th 2008

Lisa has just sent me these wonderful LO's using my Finding Nemo papers, her daughter was in a production of Finding Nemo with her dance school, the costumes are absolutely superb, I am honoured that she has used my papers and also allowed me to post them here !!

You ROCK Lisa !!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Music Papers - Freebie

These papers are a request by Amber, she wanted the background of the Camp Rock papers without the graphics of the boys. So here you are Amber, I have added some others as well to make it worthwhile uploading, they are papers from Hanna Montana and one from the Jonas Brothers, and also a musical notes overlay in .png format that you can put on whatever background you wish.

Download HERE

Here is Dannethia's LO done with one of the Music Papers, doesn't Hallie just look great !!

Cheetah Girls_Camp Rock Papers - Freebie

Another request from Dannethia for Hallie, this time Cheetah Girls and Camp Rock (which looks to me to be the same as the Jonas Brothers). Because of the fact that I could not find a lot of graphics for this set I have combines the two into one.
I must give credit to for the Cheetah Girls Background Papers, they are not my design.

Download HERE

Friday, 12 September 2008

Teletubbies Papers - Freebies

Hi Carol ! I finished these in record time, there is not a lot of detail in them, but sometimes it is better so that your photographs can really stand out, some of the graphics are not up to my usual standard, but they were the best I could obtain, I do hope they will suffice !!

Download HERE

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Jonas Brothers Papers - Freebie

Hello Everyone !! I am back but I don't know for how long, I have so many LO's to do that I seem to be spending more time on those than designing. I still love designing, but I think I may have gone a bit stale on ideas. Anyhow, this one is a request for Dannethia & Hallie. I do hope these are what you wanted girls !!

Download HERE

These are Dannethia's LO's made with my papers, her daughter looks gorgeous, these will be lovely framed on her bedroom wall !!!!