If you would like a better look at my Freebies, please just click on the preview, and a larger copy will open for you !


I have found some broken links to my Freebies !!

Those that I have found have been repaired, but please people, if you try to download anything that I have put up as a Freebie and can't get it PLEASE let me know so that I can repair it for you, all my Freebies are available indefinitely from the day I started posting to this blog, so there should be nothing that you can't download at any time at all.


Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Stained Glass Windows 1 - Freebie

I really don't know what you can do with these ? I wanted to try to make stained glass windows, and I am really pleased with the results, but how you can use them for scrapping I have no idea !! One of the papers is actually a QP so that one I know you can utilise, the others, well they look real to me and they are pretty, so if anyone out there has any brainwaves for them please let me know because I have more coming, but don't really know wht they are good for except decorations !!

Download HERE

Lilo & Stitch Papers - Freebie

A couple of quick freebies for you all, I have been so busy "paper" scrapping to catch up on my albums, and also digital scrapping for my showcase, so thought I would dash off some very quick "Disney Lilo & Stitch" Papers for those of you that can maybe use them.

Download HERE

Friday, 18 July 2008

I'm Still Here

Just in case you thought I was lost !!! I just want to let you all know that even though I haven't posted any Freebies for a while, they will still be coming. I have to get some LO's done of my own, I am getting so far behind with my scrapping !! lol You can see the results of my efforts on my showcase blog.
I will be back with more Freebies for you in the near future, and while I am here I would like to thank you all for visiting me, it really is a joy for me that you like what I do !!
It is winter here now and very cold for an old arthritic to sit on the computer for hours on end, not moving, sometimes I think my family will find me sitting here frozen solid, unable to be detached from my keyboard or mouse LOL !!!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Request by Christie

Christie has requested, (with puppy dog eyes and blinking eyelashes), girl scout papers.
Christie could you please contact me ? Because I am really unsure of what it is that you want ?
Is it just girly coloured papers ? I don't know how I can change the colours of the embellishments, because those colours are set by the Scouting Movement, and, as I had to go to great lengths to get their permission to use them, I wouldn't dare start changing the colours of them, they are authentic the way they are !
If it is just the papers that you want changed, I can do that for you without any trouble, I just need you to let me know what colours you require ? Each group has it's own colour scheme, so naturally, when I made this kit, I used the colours for Australia and my grandson's group !!
I will wait to hear from you before I start OK ? !!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Netball Kit - Freebie

Netball in Australia is a huge sport for girls, so it is very fitting for me to create this kit for it. This is a request by Lisa in my beloved State of Tasmania, I hope you are happy with the outcome Lisa.

Download HERE


Lisa has done these 3 lovely LO's with the Netball Kit that she requested, and has kindly allowed me to show them here !!

Great Job Lisa Well Done !!!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Angels & Cherubs Paper - Freebie

Another requested item, Lelia this time requested Angel or Cherub Themed papers, I don't know why but Cherubs are not really my thing, I have an aversion to them, but that being said, I never say no to a request, so I have given them my best shot, you will note though, that the Angels seems to have turned out to be the better of the two, haven't they ?????

Download HERE

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Roses Papers - Freebie

Now !! these papers are my own concoction !!

All requests were completed and I was just playing around with some tubes that I had downloaded from and this is the result.
I made two mannish papers as well, because men love roses too !! They love to grow them and they also love the smell of them, and we should ALL take time to smell the roses, shouldn't we ? !!! lol Whether we are a girl or a boy, roses are unisex !!

Enjoy !!!!!

Download HERE

Jojo's Circus Papers - Freebie

Theresa requested these papers for an album that she is putting together for her family, they have had numerous trips to Disneyland and to scrap her photos of the family with Disney Jojo she needed the "right" papers. I really hope these work out for her. Theresa has done an online album with Shutterfly and I must say she has done a wonderful job of it. Now that she is learning digital scrapping, I am under the impression that she is updating the pages with her new found talents !! I am very grateful that Theresa has allowed me, in a small way, to contribute to her lovely online album !!

Download HERE

Anime Papers - Freebie

Georgia Girl/Amber (are you two people or one and the same ???) requested Anime Papers, my stock standard answer - I know nothing about these characters but will do my best !! I have never watched any of these shows/cartoons, but reading the web, people that do, seem to take it very seriously. I hope my work is up to scratch on these papers !
Please let me know how I did ? !!!!!! LOL

Download HERE

Eclectic Tirza QP - Freebie

I spoke about this QP earlier, and promised that I would let you have it after the 2nd of July. I love the mix of colours that Linda has put into her kit please check her blog for this kit and also an Add-on to it (just click on the underlined link)

Download HERE

What do you think of my LO made with this QP ? !!

My son was visiting me and when he saw these birds in the area, he took some bread out onto the front lawn and started feeding them, the next thing I knew, he had them eating out of his hand !! I was simply amazed !! He took these photos for me, while feeding with one hand and pressing the shutter with the other hand. What a versatile man he is !!!!!

Hanna Montana Papers - Freebie

Here is the first of 5 Freebies I have for you after this long wait for my monthly allocation to click over.
It has seemed like an eternity to me, but I will try to make up for it now !!
These were requested by Dannethia for her daughters room, I hope her daughter likes them as much as I do !! LOL

Download HERE

Dannethia has been kind enough to let me put her LO on the blog, doesn't her daughter look cute !!! Thank you Dannethia for letting me show my papers in action !!