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I have found some broken links to my Freebies !!

Those that I have found have been repaired, but please people, if you try to download anything that I have put up as a Freebie and can't get it PLEASE let me know so that I can repair it for you, all my Freebies are available indefinitely from the day I started posting to this blog, so there should be nothing that you can't download at any time at all.


Monday, 6 June 2011

Wonder Woman - Freebie

I have made lots of male hero papers, so I thought I would see how you like a female super hero !! Let me know eh ?

Download HERE

Baby Boy - Freebie

Carol requested something for her new baby grandson, I think these are appropriate !
I seem to be in a bit of a creative slump at the moment, but I'm sure that I will pick up soon.
The pain of my hip is getting me down, I wish I did not fear hip replacement surgery so much, I could have had it done by now and be on the road to recovery, but my fears are holding me back, and the pain just keeps getting more intense. Scrapbooking is my only salvation (it gets my mind of the pain) but I can only sit at the computer for very short bursts of time now !!

Download HERE

Precious Moments Papers - Freebie

Anita asked me for some Precious Moments Papers - here they are Anita, but I must apologise for the quality of the graphics, they are the best that I could obtain from the web. I have made the papers 12" x 12" at 300 dpi, there is only one download but I have shown 2 preview pages so that you can see the 12 papers that I have made. As a surprise gift I have also included in the download 40 graphics that you can use yourself. If anyone finds that the file is too large to download, please let me know and I will split it into two files.

Download HERE


For Sue : I have broken this download into 4 files, I hope that makes it easier for you to download, any further problems please let me know !

Download 1

Download 2

Download 3

Download 4