If you would like a better look at my Freebies, please just click on the preview, and a larger copy will open for you !


I have found some broken links to my Freebies !!

Those that I have found have been repaired, but please people, if you try to download anything that I have put up as a Freebie and can't get it PLEASE let me know so that I can repair it for you, all my Freebies are available indefinitely from the day I started posting to this blog, so there should be nothing that you can't download at any time at all.


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Merry Christmas All !!!

Carolers are singing and joy is in the air
Jingle bells are ringing
It's Christmas everwhere !

May Christmas this year
Be your happiest yet
May it bring you warm memories
You'll never forget

May your favourite traditions
Bring pleasure to you
May your loved ones and friends
Share your happiness too !!

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my showcase followers, I hope that yours is Happy and Safe.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Christmas Paper 2 - Freebie

Reissued for 2009.
This is my second Christmas Paper. If you like these papers it would be nice to get some feedback via comments below !

Download HERE


Christmas Paper 1 - Freebie

Reissued for 2009.
This is my first Christmas paper for the year, it is 12 x 12 and 300dpi.

Download HERE


Thursday, 23 July 2009


I have found some broken links here to my Freebies !!

Those that I have found have been repaired, but please people, if you try to download anything that I have put up as a Freebie and can't get it PLEASE let me know so that I can repair it for you, all my Freebies are available indefinitely from the day I started posting to this blog, so there should be nothing that you can't download at any time at all.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

USA Flag - Freebie

This is the flag on its own, just click on the preview and you can download it directly from my blog, it is a 12" x 12" jpg.


Human Statue of Liberty

ScrappyAggie sent me a copy of this picture that she received by e-mail, and we were both inspired by it, I don't know if there is any copyright on this picture, but Aggie has scrapped it beautifully, and I wanted to make a paper out of it for our American cousins.
Aggie would like to give credit to Scrapbook Flair for their Home of the Brave kit that she used in her LO.
I would like to give credit to Aggie for forwarding the picture to me, and to whoever owns the copyright (I would assume the USA Military).
The caption reads :
Human Statue of Liberty
18,000 Officers and Men
Camp Dodge Des Moines Ia
Col. Wm. Newman, Commanding
Col. Rush S. Wells, Directing

The caption on the e-mail stated this picture was taken in 1918.

!!!!! INSPIRING ISN'T IT !!!!!

Liberty Colour - Freebie

Download HERE


Liberty Sepia - Freebie

Download HERE


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sponge Bob Square Pants Elements - Freebie

I received a request for some Sponge Bob Elements to go with the papers I made some time ago. As most of you will be aware, I am really not that good at designing elements, but I promised I would have a go, so here they are for those of you who are interested. Forgive me if they are not up to scratch, but I have done my very best !!

Download HERE


Sponge Bob Square Pants Papers - Freebie

This Freebie is being re-issued. I have had a request for some elements to go with it, so I am also reissuing the papers so that you can download the entire kit without having to search for the bits to put it all together.

Hi Shelly, here are your Sponge Bob Square Pants papers !! they were fun to make, so thank you for asking me !!

If anyone downloads any of my papers, I would dearly love to see how you use them, and if possible I would love to put some of your Layouts on my blog (child faces blurred if required !)

I have just been contacted through the website "Friends Reunited" by a girlfriend that I haven't seen or spoken to in 42 years, what a joy it is to catch up with old friends from way back when (?), sometimes it seems as if those 42 years did not happen, we are having fun now getting reacquainted, if you are interested in this website go to or just click on the link.

Download HERE


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Road to Recovery

My operation is done and I am on the road to recovery, I am doing much better than I had anticipated, obviously all those prayers on my behalf have worked a treat. I am walking with crutches, and I am feeling no pain at all, oh !!! the peace of no pain, how wonderful it feels.
Soon I will be back to scrapping I'm sure, but then again, I might be too busy walking around to sit on the computer working, who knows ? We'll see eh ? !!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


All being well I will be having my operation on 29th April. If everything goes according to Hoyle I will be in the Surgical Hospital for 5 days then a Rehabilitation Hospital for 10 days, I would presume that it will be a few more weeks after that before I will be able to sit for any length of time on my computer desk. So I will be missing in action for a few weeks. I look forward to a speedy recovery and getting back to normal after that. Thank you so much to all the people that have sent me greetings, I really am grateful to you all, it makes me feel good to read them over when I start to feel down.
Until my return I bid you "adieu" !!!

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Good Luck Witchypoo Kit

My dear friend Sue from Numb BUMM has designed a gorgeous kit and has dedicated it to me, I am just so overwhelmed by her generosity, empathy and kindness.
If you would like to see this kit and download it I encourage you to visit her blog. Just click on the links and they will take you to her blog, and please, please, please, leave her a big thank you if you choose to download it !!!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Just a quick note to thank all my well wishers, the time is drawing nearer, but not really fast enough, in the mean time, your sentiments are really appreciated and I thank you dearly for them !!

Monday, 23 February 2009


I realise that it is time I explained my disappearance to you. I have been struggling for over two and a half years now with an arthritic hip. It has got so bad that the ball joint is now fused with the hip socket, there is nothing left for me to do but have a total hip replacement.
I goes without saying that I am petrified !!! I have put it off and put it off, hoping that by some miracle I could learn to live with it. I realise now that this is not going to happen and there are days when I would prefer death, to putting up with this pain any longer (not every day, but some days !). The only work I do any more is on the Project 365, which doesn't require a lot of concentration. My surgery is scheduled for the end of April, so hopefully after a few months recovery (God Willing) I will be back with heaps more freebies for you. Until then If you could spare me a prayer or two, I would be most grateful !!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Waltzing Matilda Paper - Freebie

This paper has a long history !! in around 1977 I knitted a dress for my daughter, it took me months of knitting and weaving all the colours as I knitted.

When she grew out of the dress, I could not part with it, as I had put so much love and energy into it, so I took it to the framers, who cut it (to make it rectangular), mounted it and framed it. It has been hanging on the wall in my home ever since.

Then one day I had this great idea of photographing it (in case it deteriorated over time). Now that I scrapbook, I thought that it was a perfect opportunity, with Australia Day coming soon, to share it.

You can see on the picture, that the framers stretched it a little out of proportion, when mounting it, but that is of no consequence to me.

Download HERE


Friday, 16 January 2009


Michelle at has also given me an award, thank you so much Michelle, like yourself I sometimes wonder if it is all worthwhile, then along comes an award like this and I get spurred on to create more, thank you again for the award !

This is an award I received from Sue and Helen at, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it girls, I think your work is amazing, so thank you !!

Here are the five ladies that I am passing it on to, their work also inspires me no end !!

Linda at
Michelle at
Donna at
Hummie at

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Good Guys - Freebie

Happy New Year Everyone !!

Here is my first Freebie for 2009, as usual this was a request for Amber and her daughter, I have done the best I can girls with the limited resources available !!

Download HERE